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I have a Puch Maxi that I got running and it runs pretty smoothly with the exception of the hills....which in Athens, GA are in great abundance. I have a 12mm Bing with 70 jet, proma GP exhaust, petcock, fuel filter, high flow Puch air filter, 49/50cc (I am not sure which one exactly)stock cylinder and piston, and I can't seem to find 1/4 fuel line so right now I went down from 1/2" to 1/8" and it runs better but I think I need to find that 1/4". The moped runs great up slight hills and can even accelerate but when it comes to the big hills it slows down anywhere from 16/18-8mph, depending on the grade of hill. I would like to stay within the GA Law and keep the thing street legal by not going over 50cc, b/c I would rather not go over that just for the time being. My question is whether it would be beneficial to change my cylinder to the 50cc TCCD cylinder and piston with the set up I have now and would it make that much of a difference? (I will change the fuel line out to 1/4" when I get the chance to find some, b/c that is what size the petcock appears to be as well as the same size as the carb) I would rather not spend a whole lot more money into it, but if you would think it worth the money I would probably switch. I am not entirely sure of my gear ratio but it is stock to my knowledge...I just have never changed it out. I will try to post a pic sometime. And thanks for your advice in advance. The moped is just used to drive about 6 miles to work/classes and back.


Re: Puch Maxi performance

Is yours a 1.5 or 2hp model? If it's a 1.5 you can try removing the head gasket, and drilling the intake out from 12 to 14mm to get it closer to 2hp spec. The TCCD should be better ported than the stock cylinder, so I think you'd see an improvement there too, no experience with it myself tho, was just thinking about using it if i stay 50cc too.

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It is a 2 HP engine setup, or at least that was what it said when I purchased it online...I forgot to check to make sure. And the gear ratio is 16:45 (engine: wheel sprocket)

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No, you gotta find that 3/16" fuel line...try a scooter shoppe, it's kinda rare.

Try breaking your paragraphs up, it makes it a lot easier to read.

Kinda like this.



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also if you think it is worth it to get that TCCD 50cc cylinder package would you suggest a high compression head?

Or is there another brand of 50cc that you would suggest over the TCCD with my setup?


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I've only heard of the TCCD 50cc but I've heard they have gasket issues and are not all that great, but then again I've never run one myself.

I know that I experienced performance gains on my 65cc Metra when I added a high comp. head. So for $38 on Ebay store Treats Hq why not get a new head. I highly recommend Treats Hq, best moped store I've ever worked with.

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The TCCd cyl is said by some to have slow low end but i would guess that higher compression would help this. Get the kit if you want a higher ultimate speed. If you just want to go up those hills better mill or sand the head down to increase compression. Mill it till your cylinder compression is around 215 psi using a gage and the results will be dramatic. This won't increase top end speed.

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What you want is a 50cc MetraKit with a high compression head, LeoVince HM, Proma Circuit or Tecno Estoril and a 15 or 16mm carb. Offcourse, that's pretty expensive, but it's THE 50cc hill-climbing gear.

The TCCD should do good as well.

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I was just looking around and I have seen a carb I have looked

at before but really didn't pay much attention to..

Dellorto 19mm phbg ds race edition for racers of course.

Race edition features black

powdercoating, metal float bowl, quick access jet changing bolt

on bottom of float bowl, screw off carb top (versus two screw

removal on regular edition), oil intake nipple, vacuum intake

nipple, and an official certificate that you are a 'racer'. sick. Race

edition uses rubber coupling mount, clamp edition is available

but only in non race edition, bummer. Race edition also features

a cable choke, though the pull style chokes are available

separately too if you prefer not to add more cables yet desire a


as it is listed at treats....My question is if one were to get that

carb, would that mean that there would be no more need for

pre-mixing the 2 storke oil with the fuel? And if so what else

would it require...an oil reservoir of course but anything else?

And would that be overkill to say a metrakit 50cc, or eurocylinder

50cc, or TCCD 50cc? For now I would prefer to stay with 50cc. And

I added a high compression head and now my compression is

around 130+-psi, I forget the exact measurement. And it does

better than before the hi-compress head. And everything else is

the same, and I will get new fuel line. Are there any

suggestions for better hill climbing and general running....one

day I would like to set it up for racing and redo the paint job and

make it a very fun toy....maybe use an 80cc kit or something?

thanks for the advice to everyone so far and in the future.

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oh yeah, I just wanted to let SchijnHeilig that I am taking into consideration his suggestions...just wanted to see if any of the other stuff would help or would it just be a waiste of money for right now...although I do plan on having a fun 80cc or so sometime later down the road.

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Put a 14t front sprocket on, you'll loose a little top end, but it will help keep the RPM's up going up hills; cheap too.

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yeah, especially with that proma GP

thats a really top-end pipe so its going to eat it on hills. Go to a 14 or 15 front, deck your head or buy a hi-comp, and make sure your carb and intake is 14 mm. the bike will rev out a lot higher, but the big carb and intake will let it breathe so it can.

if you deck your head you might have to start runnign premium. 200+ psi seems kinda high for a daily driver, i'd stick to .015" decked, which gets you around 11:1 CR, 160-180 psi or so. You'll also want to start running synthetic 2 stroke oil (amsoil is my fav) if you are revving the piss out of the bike.

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I am sorry for all the questions...just trying to get the best idea.

for hill climbing and maintaining your speed would a 65cc metrakit

be better than a 70cc TCCD kit or would they be about the same?

I understand that with more ccs then you can have more torque but

I know that there are other factors. Thanks

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