Minarelli Performance

I am currently riding a Baretta with a Minarelli V1 motor. I am looking to make this sucker as fast as possible. My understanding is to maximize performance, the muffler, carburator, intake, cylinder head, and piston need to be as compatible as possible. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

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the V1 is a great motor, but lets start by not modding. first make sure what you have is working at top performance. clean the carb completely and get a new float needle, decarbon the head, piston top, and exhaust/exhaust port, new plug (NGK B7HS). make sure your tank isnt rusty and going to clog things up, clean out the petcock and fuel screen,

next the biggest and most overlooked thing on the V1 that will REALLY improve its performance, the best kept secret for this engine, the big whammy....

clean and gap your points! yes thats all thats it. that ALONE makes a HUGE difference in how it runs! clean and gap them correctly and run a slightly larger than stock plug gap and you'll get a nice gain that costs next to nothing.

get it running 110% and then go about modding. you might be pleased with how runs when you're done.

Re: Minarelli Performance

lee's anus is leefungchowOG /

good advice bitter.

Re: Minarelli Performance

Very good advice. I am a moped collector and currently own 8 mopeds, all of which are in prestigious condition. I have never modified one and I would like to. I have no problem with the way it currently runs, but I just want to have one of my peds really fast. When I got this moped, it was seized. I rebuilt the carb, honed the cylinder, and gave the piston new rings. It currently goes about 32 MPH. If anyone has any good combinations (exhaust, carburator, intake, head, and piston) for a V1 Minarelli motor, I would appreciate the knowledge. Thanks for all replies, Kale.

Re: Minarelli Performance

Another cheap bump up is to throw out the head gasket.

Attaching any pipe with a larger head and installing a 15.15 carburetor will really help you get your revolutions up. You may want to drill out your intake and intake port as well if you do that.

Re: Minarelli Performance

matched carb and intake is a good place to start. 14mm all the way through will do well and its not hard to make your 14:12 a 14:14. raising compression is a HUGE boost for the V1. shave the top of the cylinder till you see about 200psi. you'll be very pleased with the increased torque. shave the fan blades down some to reduce the air resistance, a little less airflow through the cylinder fins wont hurt it, what the stock fan blows is overkill anyways and only comes into play if you let it set and idle for long periods of time. you can mod the stock pipe to flow and perform alot better without altering its outward appearances at all, since you collect you may want to keep it looking stock. just run a 3/8th drill bit (a very long one) up the stinger and drill through the 1st baffle it hits and only that baffle. take the stinger out and shake the metal shavings out. its the speed hole and it works.

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