delorto 19.5 ?

Sorry silly bing person question

Got a 19,5 im gonna gun gun on a bike.

i took the top off to put the throttle cable in there, and noted that its very bing simular , but that there is a little plastic thing in there that goes where the clip sits in a bing, but that the platic thing doesent appears to go any place specific, IE it doestn seem to slip down over or anything. Is that cool or am i on drugs?

Re: delorto 19.5 ?

Are we talking about a phbg? You mean the spacer

Re: delorto 19.5 ?

#80016 in the pic?

Re: delorto 19.5 ?

Yes and yes.

It just seems to flop about in there, thats cool with me , but i thought maybe it was supposed to lock down or something.

Re: delorto 19.5 ?

Ok and while im asking stupid ?s does the throttle cable go thu the middle of that thing?

Re: delorto 19.5 ?


Once i got a good look at that diagram and played with the carb a bit its obvioius i had it in upside down lol

Thanks for that link Grey, the delorto info i had was not as clear as that.


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