Best sparkplug for 80cc

i heard running a B6HS and gapping the plug is best.

-75cc Gilardoni on an E50

should i use a cooler plug?

what do you say?

Re: Best sparkplug for 80cc

generally you want a cooler plug where you're more likely to get knock, which would be in a higher CR situation, which certainly would be your kit. as for gap, run the biggest gap that fires all the time, not the gap in your manual. i found alot of hidden torque when i increased the gap on the kitted V1.

Re: Best sparkplug for 80cc

'biggest gap' meaning bigger than how it comes, or just bigger than the manual suggests? I thought one was suppose to decrease the gap of a plug for improved spark.

Re: Best sparkplug for 80cc

b8hs or b9hs is what people run in sf with 80 kits

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