tomos A55

Do any of you know where they sell a bigger cc kit for the A55 tomos motor? Thanks Sean

Re: tomos A55

Check out or maybe even though 1977 mopeds is your best bet

Re: tomos A55

Thanks man, it looks like the puch kits will work. Do you think a company will make one for the A55? Is it just because the motor is still pretty new?

Re: tomos A55

Bruce Edwards / has the best price on the Airsal kit for the A55- $129.

Re: tomos A55

lol dude that sent me to some DJ store

Re: tomos A55

Bruce Edwards /

That's the right place-look!

Re: tomos A55

Raymond Wright IV /

thats where i bought mine!


the speed kit is awesome!

it mounts right on but they didnt give directions so you have to know what you ae doing!

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