homoet 4p... bad choice?

hello everyone. my setup is a 16 sha on a 70cc parma. i recently purchased a homoet 4p from treatshq. was this a bad choice? now after having bought it i feel like i shouldve gotten the estoril. what do you guys think?

Re: homoet 4p... bad choice?

BootyClap Ninja /

homoets are pretty sick.

you'll be happy with the 4p.

just be sure to port match everything. Estorils I believe have better overall power but the sound of the 4p is hott.

Re: homoet 4p... bad choice?

I have it on mine and Im not happy with the low end. Im gonna run it again tomorrow and then swap on an estoril. The 6p is great but Ive been hearing the 4p is better than stock but not as good as a bullet.

Re: homoet 4p... bad choice?

derbi snob /

4p sucks.

I dont even really like the 6p anymore for its low end robbing qualities. seriously, that pipe hits around 41-42 and before that you are just waiting to hit the powerband.

Re: homoet 4p... bad choice?

the homoet is a hi RPM pipe.....if you port your exhaust port to around 20% of your bore, and get a better clutch, you'll love your homoet....but without that, they do kinda suck balls!! it really doesn't do shit below like 8k rpm...on the realz!

Re: homoet 4p... bad choice?

p.s. i do have the same pipe on mine. it performed the EXACT same as my bullet until i did that, then...it ran circles around the bullet

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