Giladoni and pipe

decisions decisions... my current tecno boss onto it or homoet 4p.

Re: Giladoni and pipe

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

Neither. Simonini or 7/8p.

The other two are too small. Yea low end will be nice, but its not going to rip to its full potential.

Re: Giladoni and pipe

i heard techno boss is equal in power to homoet 4p.

and that only homoet 8p will fit on the gilardoni exhaust

but that's just what i heard.

Re: Giladoni and pipe

BootyClap Ninja /

yeah 8p is the only pipe that will bolt on STOCK w/o modification.

get a simonini for the love of god.

Re: Giladoni and pipe

simonini = no pedaling lurkster u live in SF , no pedal = sucks on puchs.

jimmi runs the 8p on his gilli, him and i (polini, 19 carb, techno boss) are = in top speed, but i out shred him there hard.

Re: Giladoni and pipe

me and pedals = love

so be it 8p.

Re: Giladoni and pipe

Cupermatt o /

u could always have a muffler shop re-weld a simonini for ya. If you get real creative i bet theres a way to get pedals to work : P

Re: Giladoni and pipe


Re: Giladoni and pipe

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

i am using simonini.

i will blast u elliot. 2 spd love coming to town

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