Dellorto 19mm PHBG Power Loss?


I am running the Dellorto 19mm PHBG Race Carb on a Puch Maxi 65 Metrakit High compression Head, 3 shoe clutch, Roller Crank, Tecno Exhaust, and its Case Matched and i just rebuilt the bottom end with new seals and bearings and running a 15 tooth front sprocket, stock i believe 45 rear sprocket.

Here is the situation.

My buddy has the EXACT same set up that i am running.


my buddy's wraps up and takes off the line like a bat out of hell and has full power and amazing response through out the entire power band.

Runs a top speed of around 43mph give or take a few. No matter what he does to his bike it runs flawlessly.

Mine on the other hand wraps up really nice just the same as his, has the same top speed great response from just above 1/4 all the way up.

However when you wrap it up with a load on it (IE.. Sitting on it and starting to take off), its awesome for about 2 seconds and then it... well the only way i can describe it is what i believe is Bogging, until you get a little speed going and then it takes off really nice.

The "Bogging" sound Makes a DEEP DEEP Choking WAHHHHHHHH like a big animal dying?

We have done about everything we can think of.

We did advance the timing all the way one difference and then went the other way with difference however we plan to reset it back to stock, the way the manual says to, but have yet to do so. Not sure if that will make much difference due to our preliminary tests.

Tried every jet from 65 to 106 and really made no difference with the take off problem.

Any tips or ideas?

I am at a TOTAL loss.


Re: Dellorto 19mm PHBG Power Loss?

Have you adjusted the idle mixture screw and needle clip and made sure you don't have any lean or rich spots?

Re: Dellorto 19mm PHBG Power Loss?

sounds like you have a lean spot in the needle, try richening it up there by raising the needle one notch.

Re: Dellorto 19mm PHBG Power Loss?

Tonight i got the timing adjusted to factory specs and it made a huge difference in overall performance.

I also forgot that i put new points in with the rebuild and did not adjust them to the factory specs. (yeah, I'm a dumb ass!) adjusting them to factory specs helped SOOOO much.

Overall the bike is running much better.

Tomorrow I am going to mess with the needle and hopefully that will help smooth everything out even more!

I'm finally feeling Way better about this!

Re: Dellorto 19mm PHBG Power Loss?

dont advance the timing on a 2 stroke you want the heat of combustion to go into the pipe to raise the speed of the shockwave n give you a sweeter sweet spot

Re: Dellorto 19mm PHBG Power Loss?

Why dont you find someone to help you tune that piece of crap, someone who knows what they are doing? By the looks of you and your bike your going to need a much bigger motor to get your fat ass moving. I hate to say it, you better just get a motorcycle.

Re: Dellorto 19mm PHBG Power Loss?

He works harder on his bike then he does mine, so its no wonder his runs better.

I'll see you tonight Todd. i gotta go back to work.

We will play mopeds tonight!

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