Polini 20mm intake on 16mm carb?

the id on the carb is 19mm...is the 20 mm on the intake the od? if so, could i just shave the carb id piece (plastic piece) to fit it? is this possible or has anyone done it? i dont wanna get a bigger carb, which is what alot of you will say. oh and im talking about the dellorto 16.16 sha. any help is awesome, thanks.

Re: Polini 20mm intake on 16mm carb?

I have the exact same setup.

The ID on the carb is 19mm. Although you need to TAKE OUT that plastic piece to make it 19mm. It is much smaller diameter if you leave it in there.

The OD of the Intake on mine was like 22mm. The ID on the intake is ACTUALLY like 18mm despite the advertised 20mm.

Since the OD of the intake is 22, you'll need to shave off like 3mm on the rim of the intake so it will fit. You do not shave the plastic piece.

Re: Polini 20mm intake on 16mm carb?

thank you!

Re: Polini 20mm intake on 16mm carb?

wait question...what did you use to shave the intake? are you using no plastic piece at all now? has that caused problems?

Re: Polini 20mm intake on 16mm carb?

just make sure you can get a tight seal. i messed wif some carbys n used some old innertube wrapped around the fnakge to make up space n that works leakproof

Re: Polini 20mm intake on 16mm carb?

i used a bench grinder and several different files to make it smooth as hell. Go SLOW. I literally had to do it over 5-6 times taking small amounts off and checking to see if it fits.

Loosen the clamp screw on the carb so the metal can bend outwards. You should be able to shove the intake in there with some force. You do not want it to be too loose or else I bet you'll get air leaks.

If you do end up taking too much off, just use like fucking electrical tape around the end to make up the difference. The rubbery texture should provide a great sealing wall.

Re: Polini 20mm intake on 16mm carb?

thanks wari and andy, all that information helps.

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