Installing SHA 15.15

I just got an SHA 15.15 for my Peugeot 103. I really have no idea how to stick the cables in there, re-threat my cable at the throttle or any of that stuff. I'm just going to take apart the carb and try to figure it out. Any links to a manual, diagram or tips would be really great! thanks.

Re: Installing SHA 15.15

Could I please get some help here I am completely stuck...

I re-cabled my throttle and choke levers but how the hell do I get them to connect to the carb?

stock peugeots have adjustable stops at the carb side of the cable so you just find where the right tension level is and tighten your cable stop. Dellorto's require a fixed stop (I'm using a couple of puch throttle cables). So.... how do I get the cables taut at the right length? When I pull the throttle it pulls the needle up, but it won't come back down cause my cable seems to be too long. I am dumbfounded.

The choke cable isn't working either, I pull the choke lever, it closes, and I release the choke lever but the choke is still closed!

I'm going to continue experimenting, I'm probably missing something that's very obvious but I'm doing this all 'shot in the dark.' gurtner was less complicated than this!

Re: Installing SHA 15.15

BootyClap Ninja /

use the barrel adjuster! Screw it outwards to make the cable more taut. Just like a bicycle bro.

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