if i get a phbg for my moby(i like fiddling with needles rather than buying jets) should i just get a 15mm one from dellorto direct and is there anything i should know about putting one on my bike, i already have the 15mm intake will that work. and is there anything else i should know, i mean for an extra 30 bucks its no big deal especially when i dont need to buy a bunch of jets either.

Re: dellorto

you should post more descriptive thread titles.

Re: dellorto

You should ask benji at treats what kind of deal he'd give you. If you buy the carb from him he might throw nearly free jets your way.

He gave me an incredible deal (off ebay, just through ebay messages and paypal)

Re: dellorto

You're still going to need a range of jets, though.

Re: dellorto

Yea the needle is for mid range and tha screw is for idle. There is a lot of info here and elsewhere on tuning with those carbs you can read up on

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