polishing intake ports?

Will polishing intake and exhaust ports on a puch two speed, or any engine for that matter, add to the performance. I was just think that less friction means cooler air, which is more dense. could i do the same to my intake manifold?

Re: polishing intake ports?

on stock ped you wouldnt notice it at all unless you did it in combination with a bunch of other nice touchups.

you can polish the exhaust to help improve the flow of exiting gases but polishing the intake is a bad idea. you want it to be slightly rough. a lot of people actually roughen their intakes and intake ports. this helps atomize the fuel from what i understand.

Re: polishing intake ports?

thats interesting. im going to add a bigger carb, exhaust, new cylinder, etc. I just want to get the most i can out of this engine. Just trying to think of upgrades that are mostly free, just costing time.

Re: polishing intake ports?

<u>port matching</u> is the route u want to go. THEN polish it. match the ports to the case of the engine, then u can widen the exhaust port, and widen the intake port if the intake u have is bigger than the port on the cylinder

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