mikuni vs phbg for the 40t?

its way past my bedtime and i'm soo happy i found a new malossi piston (long story)... anyway bullet point is i'm carb shopping and there's a snowmobile tuner down the road who's trying to sell me on a mikuni or keihin. any thoughts? i know i've posted this up before and been told to get a 16.16 sha and fuggidaboutdit but i like the idea of tuneability too much to give up bothering you guys.

(malossi 62cc kit and what else, a ninja g3...)

btw elliot my rack went back on cause i couldn't get my fender to sit right without it - and actually its growing on me, haha ;)

rode the stock carb and cylinder around town today and though it took me 4hrs to thaw out MAN was it worth it, this moby of mine has me wrapped around her little finger

Re: mikuni vs phbg for the 40t?

I have little experience with carb tuning but I sure liked my Mikuni VM20. Smooth and well-built.

Re: mikuni vs phbg for the 40t?

Either one will work , which is easier to adapt? Cost less ? Parts availability? (gaskets and jets) I think they both use o-ring seals on the carb bowls , Correct?? Much better tunability over the long run if you tweak something else down the road . Other than that any carb can be made to work with a bit of tuning.

Re: mikuni vs phbg for the 40t?

i'd stick with a 16.16 SHA.

Re: mikuni vs phbg for the 40t?

u didnt say that fred the sled down the street is pushing you towards the mikuni or keihin so just tell him to loan u one of each for a test ride for a week or so.

hahaha more moped math

sexi mobys + spring arriving = empty beds

Re: mikuni vs phbg for the 40t?

Yea that 16 should have enough range for a 60cc especially if it is variated. Most Mikunis and Keihins are going to be too large

Re: mikuni vs phbg for the 40t?

the VM series goes down to a 17. VM17 is a great carb, easy to tune, easy to get jets for. i think dellortos are super over-rated, the vm17 shouldnt be more than 70 bucks or so, the jets are cheaper and easier to find (at least in my neck of the woods).

Re: mikuni vs phbg for the 40t?

I've been running a 15.15 Dellorto on my malossi kit without any problems in regards to the carburetor. Currently running the 68 jet that came with my carb but that is going to change once this foot of snow melts from the streets.

Re: mikuni vs phbg for the 40t?

if the mikuni or keihin carb is about the same size (typically they are like 24mm thats too big) 15-19mm then hell go with it, they are alot more tunable than the dellorto if ur aiming for peak performance. But if u want simplicity that works tried and true go with the SHA.

glad to hear u kept the rack, I rode Bella around for months on that rack, b4 it started to buckle. also u will be surprized how many times that rack comes in handy. mobys are great for doubles!!!!

Re: mikuni vs phbg for the 40t?

here's a mikuni vm16-438:


this guy seems to have 17, 18 and 20mm sizes as well.

i think i'm gonna have to make a storage box for the rack ...

but not out of wood ;)

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