Boost bottle + Gurtner: a theory question

Not to be an advocate of shoving nitrous into a poor defenseless engine but this thought occurred to me: The main problem with Nitrous is that it causes an ultra-lean condition i believe. The answer is "wet" injection to add more fuel at the time of the boost. Gurtner carbs as found on a Motobecane have an enrichment circuit rather than a choke. It would seem that "choking" the engine at the time of boost would maintain airflow unlike a standard choke yet dump extra fuel into the mixture. From there I suppose the "starting jet" could be drilled out for further tuning if necessary. Many Mikuni's also use starting jets. Note that I'm not sticking a bottle of that poison on my engine but any thoughts?

Re: Boost bottle + Gurtner: a theory question

I was thinking the same thing, it should work.

1st gen honda express carbs work the same way and the intake manifold already has a nice port from the oil injection. Someday I'll try it as I've got some extra top-ends for the express lying around.

Re: Boost bottle + Gurtner: a theory question

Interesting idea but "boost bottles" have nothing to do with nitrous. They're just an empty container that is attached to the intake.

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That is correct, I forgot to mention that.

I was referring to a whip-it style nitrous system.

My only experience with boost bottles has been on my RD350 and it has been a positive one.

Re: Boost bottle + Gurtner: a theory question

if u hook a microswitch to the choke cable for the nitrous then the boost of gas will assist with the dry problems with running nitrous. but if u are going to be evil to the engine in that way just go to methanol and have the power there all the time.

hahaha boost bottle is a bandaid for other intake issues.

Re: Boost bottle + Gurtner: a theory question

Ahh, yes just researched that, oh well, I did mean nitrous, my bad.

Re: Boost bottle + Gurtner: a theory question

Dan Webber Kastner /

the issue with the enrichment circuit style chokes is they do little to richen at WOT.

Nitrous dose work with two strokes but it needs to be a wet shot system, issue is getting the jets for the nitrous and gas small enough. I have found kits online desigined for small displacment 4 srokes, there is no reason those will not translate over to two strokes. Issues are the jets - I was able to find 10Hp jets but nothing smaller>

The other issue is these motors not being able to take the abuse.

BuddFab who holds a few land speed records has been working with nitrus without much success.


Re: Boost bottle + Gurtner: a theory question


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