What do you think of this Puch combo?

I own a 1978 Puch Sport and I am thinking of the following combo, please let me know what your thoughts are... where will my power be reached, ie. low, mid, high. What kind of top speed should I see? Any other suggestions or changes...

65cc Polini

Leo Vinci Pipe

19.5mm dellorto carb

Import Race Crank

(Gearing suggestions appreciated)

Your thoughts please.....

Re: What do you think of this Puch combo?

with the leovince pipe and the large carb you will not need to gear any lower. both provide great low end. if you kept your stock (16x45 assuming you have a 1 speed) gearing you could easily expect 50mph of solid power assuming you get timing and jetting right.

you know that you will need to get the malossi or polini 4 petal intake block to use with the 19-21mm phbgs right?

Re: What do you think of this Puch combo?

graham at home on noel /

the 19 phbg will need the four petal like harold says, but the leovince is a low end pipe. If you go to a phbg you'll have a lot more room to rev it out, so you'll have to decide if you want torque or super blastin' power and pick a pipe appropriately. if i was running a leovince, i'd stick to a smallish 16 SHA and gear low. it all depends on how you want to ride it.

Re: What do you think of this Puch combo?

that leo pipe is incredible for low end. it rips cincy hills like no other.

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