Tomos A35 oil question

I am planning to flush the oil in my a35 for the first start and I am not sure what oil to use. Ive have heard a few very different specs so Im making this post to clarify. What oil goes in the tranny, what weight (if regular car oil), how much (300ml is what I heard) and regular/synthetic/partsynth. Thanks.

Re: Tomos A35 oil question

John Joedicke /

ATF 330ml

Re: Tomos A35 oil question

BootyClap Ninja /

ATF is recommended in the manual.

although I prefer 10w-30 Full Synthetic. It provides long life and significantly smoother shifting.

Re: Tomos A35 oil question

Tomos recommends ATF "Type A Suffix A". This is seriously outdated fluid, and can be hard to find. If you cannot get it, use DexronIII/Mercon. Don't use Type "F", this stuff is really abrasive, and will damage the clutches, although it gives good solid shifts while the clutches last. 10w30 motor oil will work just fine for the transmission (it's what my dirt bike uses), but I've heard it will disolve the cork lining on the clutches. ( I don't have any proof of this) Remove the drain bolt and drain the old oil, then remove the screw in the right engine cover, and fill it with fluid until it starts running back out, let it set until it stops dripping, and put the screw back in. You're done.

Re: Tomos A35 oil question

if this is a stock bike, stick to the dex3/mercon. motor oils have detergents in them to break down and isolate carbon residue from blow-by, the cork in the clutches and the glue is very similar to the hydrocarbons the detergents eat, so it could cause breakdown. most people who need the extra slip dont expect their clutches to last more than a few hundred miles anyhow.

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