Sachs Bogging

So I have the 70 athena kit and my bike was running good since I put it on, and rode it for about 40 miles. The plug looked good but I upjetted two sizes just to be safe. The bike bogged really bad and didnt even go anywhere with that jet in, so I just thought it was too rich so I put the smaller jet back in and its doing the same thing. The bike idles fine and theres no air leaks. Any idea what it could be ?

Re: Sachs Bogging

bogging when? top end? midrange? after long stretch? quick on throttle only?

when u increased the engine displacement by 40% did you consider modifying the intake, carb and exhaust?

if u just kitted n didnt change anything else then you prolly need to look at buy/sell forum n fint a pipe n intake n bigger carb.

Re: Sachs Bogging

Did you fould a plug when you upjetted?

Re: Sachs Bogging

stock sachs exhaust really kills the kits. the sachs crankcase is really open and they dont get very good transfer pressure, any extra restriction really kills ya.

you'll want to go to a good pipe. i'm putting the puegot 103 simonini on my bike tonight, looks like it will be an easy fit up.

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