Tomos First Steps to Speed

Hey everybody, I just joined recently but have been reading yer forums a while now. Anyways I just bought a 2001 tomos targa a35 and its completely stock. Any ideas on whats the quickest cheapest way to get her some extry speed/torque? Theres a lot of hills round these parts, so I can't really afford to trade torque for top end. I have some basic mechanic skills and a pretty good set of hand tools etc.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks

Re: Tomos First Steps to Speed

If your looking for torque, either get a bigger rear sprocket, or a smaller front, or both if u wanna get a bunch of torque. A good pipe can give you torque, and run from about 70 dollars to about 200 dollars

Re: Tomos First Steps to Speed

Yeah, get a good pipe and upjet.

Re: Tomos First Steps to Speed

whats the best pipe? biturbo or estoril or something else?

Re: Tomos First Steps to Speed

tecnigas has good torque

biturbo has all top end, and they are cheap and fall apart

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