FA50 Issues

Kevin Tritz /

I have a question about a FA50 I bought last summer and did some work on to try to get running again but still seems sluggish.

Below is a list of what I have done to the FA50.

Cylinder bored and honed

New oversized piston

New Rings

new spark plug

clean carb

good airflow

good tire pressure

however my compression runs around 75 which seems a little low to me? (am i wrong?)

I weigh 135lbs

the thing only tops out at 18 mph and its to the point where I don't know what else I can do to it. Could the timing be off for my ports? If so how would I adjust this? I am open for any suggestions.



FA50 Issues

eighteen, and i dont now what i want..


Re: FA50 Issues

Have you checked your exhaust port and pipe for excess carbon? Excess carbon can quickly kill your top speed.

FA50 Issues

75 PSI seems a little low. Many motors will not even run with that low of compression

Re: FA50 Issues

Frostback Ditch /

Hmmmm, 75 does seem a little low. I've checked both mine, and my friends FA50 and they both where running 90 PSI, and both are running just fine.

It's definently not the timing as the FA50s don't even have points, they run off of an electronic timing system. I know the FA50s are notorious for having their exhausts plug up on them though, and if the air/fuel mixture isn't close to perfect, it can run like crap. Does it 4 stroke while your driving it?

Re: FA50 Issues

The pipe is highly restrictive.

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