65cc Improvements?

Ok, how much (on average) does it cost to get a bike port matched to a kit? how much extra performance does this give you?

Also, when I change gears, at the beginning of revs, it seems to bog down for about a tenth of a second, then takes off. It also seems to perform slightly less after 10 minutes of riding.

Re: 65cc Improvements?

I don't know anyone who has actually paid for it. Everyone I know has done it themselves using a dremel or machining it.

I usually use the gasket that comes with the kit as an outline. for the case ports.

Re: 65cc Improvements?

Does it require disassembly of the engine to case-port it?

Is this to any great advantage?

Re: 65cc Improvements?

Yes, dissassmbly is required, then so is putting on a kit.

As far as the advantage goes, I think so. In order for your motor to take full advantage of what the kit gives you, port matching is essential. Most of the time kits come with larger transfer ports and you have to match them to your case in order for the gas to travel smoothly without hitting any walls. I don't know about your bike in particular, but this is usually the case (no pun intended).

I think you should for the experience. You may actually enjoy it. Do you have a Dremmel?

Re: 65cc Improvements?

i just case matched mine today, and its not terribly hard. like allen said, use the gasket that comes with it to match to. put the gasket on, use a red sharpie to mark off the area to be removed. then snag a dremel with some hi speed cutting bits, and go to town. i kept mine on the low (1200 rpm i think) setting for most of it, and broke into about 1800 rpm if that just for a little bit. Remove just short of the red marks (just so you dont over cut, you'll take the rest out w/ files), then break out the sandpaper and files. File and make sure everything is smooth and gradually flows, from the stock inside to the now-ported outside. then some 300 sandpaper, and then some 600 and you have smooth matched transfers.

for my first time i dont think it came out bad. could be better, but is definitely good enough to work and will get the job done. removing the bulk of the material is the easy part, i think. then its just about how patient you are and how long you feel like filing and smoothing out... filing, and smoothing out.

Re: 65cc Improvements?

case matching is helpful, but it your specifying a 65 cc kit and talking metra, it will bolt right on and do fine.

One thing taking a e50 apart to do this, entirely different with za

if you decide to do it ill post a link to a video that was helpful for me.

Re: 65cc Improvements?

Hey every one I found the frigin best bits for porting with a dremel , chain saw sharpening bits they work great !!

Re: 65cc Improvements?

Are stock e50s and stock cylinders matched already?

Re: 65cc Improvements?

well....yeah....he said a kit, though...

Re: 65cc Improvements?

Ok, well, how about the exhaust port? Because mine starts square, then tapers circular at the outside... is it possible to make this fully circular? And how about the problem that I described above? About it bogging down when i change gears?

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