pacer performance pipe

Anyone have any idea what pipe would work on a top tank pacer and not require tons of cutting/hacking of new pipe?Brand or model used would be great. pics are even better. here is a pic of my pacer


Re: pacer performance pipe

BootyClap Ninja /

you should email Angelo from Italy. That guy can get some crucial stuff for italian bikes.

Re: pacer performance pipe

you can pretty much use any puch or minarelli pipe.

the only thing you have to watch out for is large headers because morini exhaust ports are kinda small. for fitting a puch exhaust like the bullet or estoril you have to grind in the mounting holes a bit beacause puchs are wider apart than that of morinis.

Angelo can get good stuff, but exchange rate from Italy is kinda rediculous so it gets a bit pricey. i got a circuit style minarelli pipe from him a while back. its nice but you could get a bit more out of something like an estoril. but, i'm not sure how a pipe like the estoril would work on a non kitted bike.


Re: pacer performance pipe

How about a biturbo anyone have one on a morini?

Re: pacer performance pipe

i have a biyturbo chamber but not header. get a tomos pipe because it mounts on the right side, but yeah you'll probably have to grind stuff.

Re: pacer performance pipe

I've got an extra header for the morini engines, it's chrome, $30 shipped.

I was going to use it with a pocket bike pipe, but I'm selling the bike instead.

Re: pacer performance pipe

no thanks I have some stock headers but dont want to loose performance with a small header from the stock pipe

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