whats the best spark plug

what spark plug is the best for a tomos sprint

Re: whats the best spark plug

ngk b6hs, i believe

Re: whats the best spark plug

what about those performance plugs that claim to be "no foul" and "super hot burn"

what about those huh?

Re: whats the best spark plug

Gordon Jennings says that spark plugs made for two-stroke engines have the ground wire approaching from the side (not overlapping the center electrode), and a variation of this type has a short platinum wire protruding from the end of the ground. I've always wondered about this and why I never see them. The regular overlapping type that we all use is clearly working well enough...

Re: whats the best spark plug

John Joedicke /

Back i the early days of snowmobiling that was the case with all 2T engines.

Gradually the makers have switched us to the electrode that covers the centre. It helped by not fouling the plug, maybe this was because of the lousy oils back in the day. You could grind the electrode back to the side and see if you get any different results. We ended up using platnium plugs to get away from fouling.

Re: whats the best spark plug

platinum and no foul plugs like that need a more powerfull spark than most points based ignitions put out. probably not a good idea on non-cdi bikes.

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