Leaking carburetor

Carburetor: 12mm Dellorto, no needle, just has a slide.

When the bike is not running, there is fuel leaking from a hole underneath the bore, where the air filter attaches. I have checked the float level and it's fine, the float needle is in good state. The only possible problem, although it is all standard, is that the carburetor leans forwards ever so slightly (at about 10

Re: Leaking carburetor

if the carby is flooding when sitting it is either the float level, needle is not shutting the fuel or the carby is at too much of a angle which means you have to change the intake so it is level or readjust the float level. ideally the intake change would be the best fix for a crooked carby because not all of the internal circuits will work properly at too much of a angle from level.

Re: Leaking carburetor

Ok, Appreciate the quick reply. Luckily I have 2 inlets, which, I believe are the same, but I might be wrong. The float level is actually nearly impossible to adjust, unless I can use something to push the needle jet higher.

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