can A55 do 50mph?

hey everyone,

I was thinking about getting a moped to help save on gas, and as part of a lifestyle change. However, I have one major concern... I was looking at getting a Tomos, not really concerned about what model, but one with the A55, I know that these things top out at about 30mph stock, but I need to get to at least 50mph after modification. Can anyone tell me if this is even possible, and how much I would be looking at to do this?

thank you.

Re: can A55 do 50mph?

totally possible with mods. if you want a really reliable bike, you could just put a 16/16 dellorto sha, bigger jet, high flow air filter, a biturbo exhaust and high gearing to hit 50. it would take you about a minute and a half to get to 50 but if u need to go 50 for long commutes with no lights it will work great.

if you need torque too for city riding, and still want to hit 50 your are going to need a larger cc cylinder kit. that will cut down on the life of the clutches, fixable but it will happen.

Re: can A55 do 50mph?

Id look at something like a Honda C70 or CT70, Yamaha Townmate, etc...something in the 70-90cc range. Wont be a in most states, but it will be reliable and will suit your needs out of the box.

Re: can A55 do 50mph?

cool, Id like to stay with the torque just in case I move a little closer to town... which is going to happen one of these days heh. How much for the cylinder kit? and can someone do it themself?

Re: can A55 do 50mph?

cylinder kits range in price from a bit over 100-300 bucks...look on shops like treatshq on ebay 1977mopeds etc. do a "search" in this (perf tuning) forum for tomos, or a55 and you will get a decent bit of info, also look on the wiki.

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