Garelli/Avanti CDI installation

so I picked up this avanti CDI setup for use on my VIP. Figured I'd replace the points with something more reliable and potentially better. The thing is, I can't get it to spark, at least not at the plug. Plug, cap, wire are all good, as are all grounds. I only have 1 each of the controller box and HT coil, so my problem could be in there...

The thing is, after I failed to get spark, I broke out the multimeter to look for volts. I found around 12 of them at the lighting coil, another 2ish from the pickup, but the reading from the LT ignition came up between 96-135volts consistently for 7-8 kicks. now, my multimeter isn't broken. I checked it against a known source and it's fine. but then, 135v can't possibly be right. My first question is, what's causing this seemingly erroneous reading?

The cdi in question was manufactured by SEEL and is the 50W/1A model with 3 coils (light, ignite, and a pickup). It came from a Garelli 2 speed clone off an Avanti. The control box came from a different bike. Is there a difference between the control box's for the 40 watt and 50 watt stators? why would I get 135v to the control box, but only 1-2v out on the HT lead? anybody have any experience with this conversion?

Re: Garelli/Avanti CDI installation

I've heard most bosch points and condensor systems are around 50 at the spark coil. I think that would be totally reasonable for a independant coil system, like the motorcycle cdi with its own coil. I have a honda i'm playing with right now, if i get to the point of measuring spark tomorrow i'll let you know what its at.

Re: Garelli/Avanti CDI installation

Peter Turenne /

I know this is old but how was the outcome of this? I was thinking of doing this to my vip. Would sure beat using old points.

Re: Garelli/Avanti CDI installation

Unless you have a super special high rpm motor (not a Garelli), there is no reason why cdi is better then points.

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