overboring carb

has anyone tried to overbore a moby gurtner, i have a spare and i was thinking it might be fun, also to drill out the jet a bit(i have a spare of that too) i have a machine shop where i work too so dont think im goanna be going at it with a dull ass bit and a eggbeater drill. also any ideas of how big i should make the carb/jet?

Re: overboring carb

i just tried it with my peugeot gurtner cause i have a new dellorto in the mail.

i accidentally drilled out the jet waaaay too big so i tried drilling out the carb.

thing is, i dont have a drill press, so i just used a drill and my left hand, needless to say, my left hand is fucked up now.

nah, its not too bad. nothing a few bandaids wont fix.

but anyway, the jet is still too big, though i did barely get it to run with the throttle in. but only at high rpms with the throttle full open.

Re: overboring carb

well im goanna try it then, ive got nothing to lose, and i might just have everything(a few mph) to gain!

Re: overboring carb

yeah, make sure your intake is at least as big as the size you are boring to, otherwise you are doing yourself no good.

i think the air cleaner side of the carb has to be slightly bigger than the intake side.

and you might want to research this, but i think the area under the jet might be for letting gas sit to get sucked up into the airstream. not sure though.

Re: overboring carb

do not bother trying to open the carb any bigger then the bore of the carby slide. also your jetting will not be correct because the air correction and enrich bleed holes will be wrong.

at this point it might be a good base for a funky looking pipe for your favourite smoking mixture.

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