intake derestriction

my peugeot 102 intake starts out at 9mm and ends up at 15mm. im getting the SHA 15/15 in the mail soon, and i want to know if i can drill out the intake to derestrict my airflow.

actually, i just drilled it to 3/8ths, but im still not very much bigger.

has anyone else done this?


Re: intake derestriction

other end


Re: intake derestriction

hells yeah it will improve airflow

Re: intake derestriction

i dont see why not as long as its straight the whole way thru. just go up size by size gradually. and dont make the outer wall too thin i guess or it will break...

give it a shot!

Come to moped monday!

Srsly, we need for 'Fans of France'

Re: Come to moped monday!

tons of metal shavings, $6.00 (for the drill bit), and a bloody knuckle later (spinning intake)

i did it!! looks and flows sweet. the intake almost matches the port in size. 12.7mm!! now to sand it with some 150 grit.

took a picture, but the cam is out of batteries and i forgot to put the card in, so no lookyloo yet.

thanks for the encouragement all!

Re: Come to moped monday!

Thats wierd my 102 intake was 14mm all the way through must have varied between years, I love seeing people doing things to make their 102's fast.

Re: Come to moped monday!

hahaha! im a noob

so i went to drill out the jet, thinking i need to upjet to make use of this extra airflow. so, i dont have wire drill bits, but i do have a 1/16th and i figure its only a tiny bit bigger than the holes on my 66 stock jet, so i go for it, and soon realise... oops, the guaged area is _inside_ the jet.

so now i have a rediculously huge jet. i had to take my throttle out to get enough air for the bike to run.

but with a little manual air control, i prolly got the bike up to 30 last night. woot!

so now im drilling out my carb with my dremel to try and get more air in there.

the intake side HAS to be smaller than the airbox side, right?

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