Dellorto 19mm or 21mm

Is there a significant difference between the 2 sizes? Im running a 64cc polini,homet 4p and soon malossi 4 petal.

My next step would be a carb, most people seem to go with the 19mm, is this because of price or do the 19mm work better on moped set ups than the 21mm?

can you clear this up? would you recommend 19 or 21?



Re: Dellorto 19mm or 21mm

Also in general would the rubber hose spigot type or the clamp type be better? I already have my fins cut so what is the preference on these different carbs?

Re: Dellorto 19mm or 21mm

if you have the four petal reed you should be able to run 21mm right? The intake is big enough for it right? If that was my setup I would for sure run a 21mm carb. I run 21mm carb on my little metrakit65 and it is great, not too big at all. I think I could go bigger.

Re: Dellorto 19mm or 21mm

hmmm the price isnt that different just a few bucks I think so I dont know why most are running the 19?

Re: Dellorto 19mm or 21mm

bigger doesnt always = better... the suction is of higher velocity with a 19 as opposed to a 21

Re: Dellorto 19mm or 21mm

so would that mean more effecient distribution of the gas? would I just not be abble ot get enough velocity to pull gas with a 21?

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) Cupermcnewbster ( /

I've got a 21 racing on mine and its really great. With a smaller pipe (like a boss, 4p) the bike rips all around. Tears off the line and has decent top end, but all that depends on gearing.

I use the spigot with a like 40 degree rubber elbow so I didn't have to cut the fins on my head. The bowl bolt (for jet changing) taps the head and vibrates a little, but its pretty decent.

So yea, I'd go 21, but I doubt there is a huge difference with a 19. If you want the carb straight forward, get the clamp. I personally believe the price difference for the racing version is totally worth it. Easier jet changing, spin-on top, and overall better construction with the metal bowl. Win-Win. Also, if you are running the carb straight forward, the pull choke will be in-accessible with the frame in the way. So yea, get a spigot and run a slight angle.

Notice the angle of the carb with the clamp:

On a maxi frame the angle is even more extreme. Still runs fine, but still quite the angle.

Re: Dellorto 19mm or 21mm

I've had both a 19, and a 21, and I prefer the 19. It could have been the pipe I had, but 19 seems to be quicker all around with better top speed. Clamp all the way, except on swingers where it doesn't fit, it hits the frame. :(

Re: Dellorto 19mm or 21mm

I wonder if I got the clamp version could I mount it straight up with the fins hacked off or would I still have to tilt it some to get it to fit?

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