Breaking in new kit

So I almost got my 70cc Puch kit done, all im waiting for is studs. I want to putt a 21PHBG on it, and performance exhaust, but I aint gonna have the money for a couple weeks, Would it do any harm to run it with the 15 bing jetted out and stock exhaust unrestricted with the baffles drlled until I get the bigger carb and exhaust.

Re: Breaking in new kit

Стев Браун /

15 Bing will be fine.

Stock pipe isn't going to allow you to hit the RPM's that you will with an expansion chamber, but then again I don't expect that you'll be blasting it at first anyway.

Some people say break it in exactly how it'll be ridden. I say just try it, ride it at no more than 75% of throttle for like 50 miles, give it short random bursts of WOT. When the ring seats, the ring seats. Then do what you please.

Re: Breaking in new kit

Yeah I was more or less worried about the exhaust header being to small diameter. I heard that the best way to break it in is 3 tanks 32:1 rich fuel mixture no more than 30 mph.The tune it and run it.

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