Worthless stand: New ideas/solutions?

This Magnum's stand is at the point where it is pitched at such a severe angle that BOTH tires contact the ground, rendering the stand worthless. Is there another way to fix this besides adding mass to the two feet or getting a new stand? So far these are the only two ideas I have found. Apparently there are no sidestands that work without fussing with making new brackets, etc. Is there a way to re-bend this back to a functional form? Right now you need to lean the bike against something constantly.

Re: Worthless stand: New ideas/solutions?

get a new stand on ebay for 10$

heres the thing, Do it yourself is fun and cheap IF you dont count labor.

what do you do for a living? just for shits and giggles lets say you are a janitor and make 9.00 and hour. the time you spend thinking about how to fix this, finding your tools, trying to fix, whacking your thumb and then finally fixing it might take what. at least 2-3 hours?

you coulda bought one on ebay and had it shipped for the same price or less. spend your vauluable time working on your motor, polishing chrome, etc etc.

Re: Worthless stand: New ideas/solutions?

Harold, DIY doesn't quite work like that. you gain a lot more by doing something, learning new skills and creative thinking, just my thought on it, hehe, although I am broke all the time and do everything myself, maybe I'm wrong... anyway, I fixed that same problem yesterday actually, I took my stand off and hacked the top horizontal bar off, just outside the two stoppy lever thingys, then I welded it back into the place that it is supposed to go... I was just gonna heat it up with oxy-acetaline and bend, sadly I don't have that setup in Richmond, only in DC so I had to cut and re-weld, not much more difficult.

If you don't have access to a welder/torch there are other DIY way's to do it also, be creative. Like you can add mass to the top rather than the bottom without the need to weld...

you could drill holes in a piece of metal and your stand lever thing and bold it at an angle to correct the bend, and grind the the L shaped part a bit to make it sit high enough when it's up. make sure that you countersink the bolts into the stand so they are flush enough to let the stand's mounting bracket slide past them. although I'm sure there are many other ways to do this too

Re: Worthless stand: New ideas/solutions?

A. J. Souza /

Well, a thanks to both of you. I can support either opinion, frankly. Sometimes I am stubborn and just refuse to NOT try to fix something, opportunity cost be damned. If I can't (not skilled enough, or clever or don't have tools) then I look at purchasing. But often I figure 'It doesn't work now, so what's the worst that could happen? It still doesn't work?!' This was how I began working on bikes...and plumbing, carpentry, woodworking, electricity, furniture. Now my house is filled with furniture dating back to the early 20th century, most of which was carelessly (and cluelessly) discarded by folks, retrieved by me and restored. I'm sure you both have done the same sort of thing (only with mopeds): Just do it and get better with time. If it wasn't for this philosophy, I would NEVER have been able to restore our grandparents' 1924 home from scratch (unaffordable) and would have crapped at the idea of designing, building and installing an entire kitchen from nothing. Like Bob said: When you ain't got nothing, you got nothing to lose.

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