Speeding up MagnumX

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Ok, so I got my new bike, kickstart e50 with the magnumX monster 50cc setup. I pulled it all apart today and everything looked very nice. Ports are decently sized but look like they can be opened up substantially. Same goes for the exhaust and the intake.

Question about intake: With the studs more closely spaced than a regular cylinder, it looks like I'm going to have to use the stock intake. I think its 17mm but it has some crazy bends and probably won't flow as well as it can. I was thinking along the old pipe/handlebar intake method, but I think this is too close to make it fit. The holes are like 2mm in on each side. Ideas?

Proposed setup: 50cc stock cylinder (someone said they make 4hp. This one did about 30 with the 8mm carb and some crazy gearing), 17 or 18mm PHBG. Simonini pipe, 16x42 gearing. All this on a maxi frame. Think that would be the best setup? I know it is going to suck balls off the line with that pipe, but it should fly, or at least get close to 50. Any other ideas?

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Sounds great.

My former setup was

Korado 50cc cylinder, unported

14mm Bing



GPS'd at 46. The thing holding it back was the carb. If you're going to use a 17 or 18 PHBG, you should be golden there.

You could definitely get 50, just give it plenty of space to wind out.

Consider some clutch tuning to combat the low end bog you will experience with the 50cc cylinder and huge pipe. I was too lazy to do so.

Re: Speeding up MagnumX

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Thats why I'm thinking PHBG. I know if I run a 16 sha it will not move off the line. Stock they (magnumx) came with a 17 bing, just I didn't get one. Sounds like I'm on the right track.

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why would you think a 16 sha wouldnt move off the line.

its a flatslide, has way better throttle response.

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got a pic for ya zack. kind big but its so cool


Re: Speeding up MagnumX

The stock intake starts at 17mm but necks down to like 12mm at the cylinder, the cylinder also has a 12mm intake hole. Open the intake hole on the cylinder and find/make a less restrictive intake. Unless you are doing a lot or port work or are going to kit the motor I would stay with a carb in the 16-17mm range.

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