1985 trac moped???

can anyone tell me anything about it? its on sale through ebay a few towns away from me, and thecurrent bid is $25 and change. sounds like a steal to me, but is it worth it?

i quote from the seller, "This moped ran fine in the summer until the starter clutch belt snapped." he says it should be no more than 15 bucks.

talk to me please

Re: 1985 trac moped???

buy it.

Re: 1985 trac moped???

but also this should not be in performance tuning?

Re: 1985 trac moped???

yeah, you're right. sorry about that mike. but i should buy it? and the manufacturer is trac? i've never heard of them, ever.

Re: 1985 trac moped???

Yes, I use to have one

They are fairly fast

The belt is easy to find Moped Junkyard has them

They are $30

They have a Daelim motors engine on them

They were made in Korea I think

Fairly simple

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