Metra Kit directions.

Hello, I got a metrakit and got the bright idea to translate the directions into english so that people who dont speak spanish could read them...

but i put them in my jacket pocket with a carb part and a gascap with parts cleaner on them and it ate them.

Does anyone have that set that came with your kit?


my metra came with a base gasket, and 2 metal one.

i get the theory behind using enought so the piston clears, and the rings hit cyl wall again on tbc , but in what order do these go?

I could only come up with base gasket , metal ones , then clylinder, but shouldnt there be another paper one between the metal and the cylinder?

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I also need to know about the gasket arrangement. Is this not mentioned in the instructions? I tried looking them up, but all I could find were part #'s and specs.







CI/P 65302 5T


Cast - perlite

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I knew I'd seen this somewhere because I thought about translating it for practice. It only took me 30 minutes to find it...

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Old School Brent /

Who's phone # is that ? LOL

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Does anyone know about the gasket order whilst my dominican friends are shoveling out of the snow we have?

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I had to add my own home made gaskets to shim the cyl out so the piston would open the exhaust port all the way. But to get a good seal I would go paper metal paper.

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I went with the cardboard one first, then both metal ones, then the cylinder.

the piston would hit my HC head with just one.

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Did you (or anyone) ever get this translated? I want to find out how craptastic my version is, and I'm dying to find out what the hell "regatas de los aros" are.

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regatas de los aros I BELIEVE, I can find out for sure tommorow asking someone that speaks more spanish than I do would be "los aros" are kinda translated into "hoops" or "rings"

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Well, yeah. My dictionary says a "regata" is an irrigation channel, and "aros" are hoops. If the English translation is "channel of the hoops," then what is that in Mechanical?

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sounds like the groove the piston ring fits in

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yeah its greasing up yo junx "engresar"=to grease

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I made extra base gaskets from the kind of sheet metal that comes in a roll and is found at the hardware store. I think it is used for patching gutters or something. It works really well and cuts easily with scissors. I had to cut about three or four extra base gaskets out of this stuff to get the exhaust port to open all the way.

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Why do the 65 Metra's need so many base gaskets? Were they designed for a different engine? I can't imagine that they did that on purpose...

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It dif depending on what kinda head your using.

you use just enough gaskets so that the piston does not hit the head, and so that the piston rings clear the bottom of the exhaust stroke on the down stroke so it can cool.

The directions will be done by monday, ill put em here and also try and stick em in the wiki!


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here you go guys really rough quick transalation. feel free to edit it as you please

1. compresion: all of our kits are at the apropriate compression such as complete top ends and withouht head.

2. crank arm: once you have taken the cilinder apart check the crank arm there shouldn't be any play in the vertical motion. and paralel movement should not play more than 0,7 mmm

3. piston skirt: check piston skirt for damage if they're is any trade it for a new one

4. ports: if possible and if you have the tools touch up the ports so that they match the cylinderas close as possible . for a better flow of gases clean very well the piston ring slots and grease them up aswell as the cylinder and piston. etc.

6.Piston: atencion the piston has an arrow on it pointing to the exhaust port

7. important: while bolting the head do it in a progressive criss cross pattern

8. tuning/timing: slow down or retard the point of ignition by 1.8 mm to 2mm befot top dead center. change the spark plug for a grade equivalent to b7h

9.carburator: increase its size up to a maximum of 21mm, adjust carburation apropriately depending on what terrain or weather you are in such as sea lever temperature etc.. metrakit has at your disposition dellorto carburators.

10. lubrication: use synthetic oil

11. breaking in: it is recomended that for the first 300 km you do not go WOT this way your cylinder will las you more km and its also recomended that you increase your oil by 1% so if you are using 2% go up to 3%

12. exhausts. if you wism more options we have a wide catalog and variety of exhausts . Metrakit is not responsible if you choose to use another brands exhaust

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that is some great info!

make a copy and send one to mopedwharehouse and 1977

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. . . i just made this a wiki page called "metrakit directions"

Re: Metra Kit directions.

anybody feel free to edit the typos.

coco. yes if they do choose to use this with they're kits they should send me a free kit out of courtesy.

Re: Metra Kit directions.

Shit, i just got mine translated. Looks like ya beat me to the wiki. Oh well, thanks!

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