athena or athena?(not a typo)

im looking at, just snooping around in the big bore kits. theres a 60 cc athena, and a 70 cc (both for the tomos a35 engine) . which is better? price isnt an issue-they practically cost the same amount. i believe they cost $340 and $360, respectively.

i was also looking at a 70cc airsal kit that uses the stock cylinder head and intake manifold, but then i realized it wasnt compatible with biturbo exhausts???? only $135, but im not ditching my exhaust for a technigas or something.

and also thanks everyone for the feedback on the tires-it helped me alot.

Re: athena or athena?(not a typo)

The airsal is compatible with the 1 piece biturbo, it will not work with the 2 piece biturbo. The airsal kit is a reedvalve kit (reedvalves = good), the Athena kit is a piston ported kit so you will loose the reedvalve. Also, the Athena kit comes with the Amal carburator, while some people prefer it most use the Dellorto carburators on their setup. The jets are cheaper for the dellorto and you will get more help with it. Also, as far as I remember the Amal that comes with the Athena kit has a cable choke setup. Your stock carb on the ped is a push choke, so to mount the Amal you will have to install a new lever and run an extra cable for the choke. Also, and Im not sure on this one, but you may have to loose the oil injection with the Athena kit, I do know it uses a different intake...

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