70cc eurokit jetting weirdness.

So I'm running an old 70cc eurokit with a tecno boss and a dellorto 14/12 on my swinger2. I know the carb is super small for 70cc's, I'll change it to a 16 or better at a later date. Anyway, Right now I'm running a #63 jet and its way too rich to even get a plug chop. It'll just drive around at like 10mph choking to death on the extra fuel. So whats the deal? I know that the carb isn't going to allow much air flow but that just seems odd that a 63 would be too rich. On the plus side there are no air leaks.

Re: 70cc eurokit jetting weirdness.

smaller jet. wheres you needle set?

Re: 70cc eurokit jetting weirdness.

Saabsonettguy . /

The dellorto sha has no needle. I'm just going to take it down and do it up with a better carb and intake. Not worth the effort buying the jets to make it run with the tiny carb, expecially little jets.

Re: 70cc eurokit jetting weirdness.

saabi you have to do the nascar restrictor plate trick and let the carby run super rich and put a controlled leak in the intake, the new cylinder is drawing way too much vacuum for the tiny little sha.

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