Aluminum Expansion chambers

Go ahead shoot it down. Tell me all the reasons it won't work. I have seen them for RC cars. Why not a ped? Just tossing it out there...



Re: Aluminum Expansion chambers

the only issue i can think of is strength.

Re: Aluminum Expansion chambers

should be lighter- just harder to make, and possibly problems with attaching it, unless you make a big, cast flange that can take the heat.

go for it.

Re: Aluminum Expansion chambers

more difficult to make and also will become brittle fast because of heating cooling heating cooling. besi i found so far is use thick wall exhause pipe. it is not much money and welds nice cuts nice bends nice forms nice. k its is nice to work wif. also very available in everysize possible.

Re: Aluminum Expansion chambers

Bruce Edwards /

Actually aluminum is a very good material for an expansion chamber. Provided you use the proper thickness it will even vibrate at the resonant frequency of the sound wave and aid in the performance of the overall exhaust system. And as said, use a cast header.

Re: Aluminum Expansion chambers

aluminum baseball bats would be great I would think. nice smootgh taper. i always wanted to try it

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