Moby CDI on AV7 - how?

I got something nice in the mail today from Peter.

Can you guys help me mount it up?

Re: Moby CDI on AV7 - how?

OK new questions.

what's the part # for the yamaha CDI box?

which HT coils are compatible?

Re: Moby CDI on AV7 - how?

i have no idea, my cdi fried and i will nver go back to the stock one. u have entered territory where u must do ur own figuring out. e-mail maitland and bret they might feel like it.

btw it bolts up replace the studs with allen bolts, getting the timing right will be a pain in the ass hehe, $20 says it runs backwards at 1st (unless u have a performance crank and key)

also u will have to mod the novi nut if ur not using a performance crank,

Re: Moby CDI on AV7 - how?

elliot are you running points then? or are you with Peter in the avance variable realm?

got a hex novi-esque nut that seems to line up nicely, not worried there.

looks like i need a washer behind each bolt as the plate is hitting the end of the case ever so slightly - 1.5mm slightly.

backwards?!? awesome.

this is why this is my spare motor :)

Re: Moby CDI on AV7 - how?

naw points man, i love points, the MVT unit is too expensive right now i just put together an entire puch super setup a few weeks ago I = le broke.

Re: Moby CDI on AV7 - how?

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

Im pretty sure that you can use any 12v CDI HT coil (aka try a tomos one, should work fine).

as far as the CDI box, you can find them on ebay

is what i used. I did fry it, but for only like 20 bucks i got good use out of it.

find the proper yamaha one (looks exactly the same) it might cost more and be more reliable.

email me for wiring diagram for it.

Re: Moby CDI on AV7 - how?

Pull the studs out of cases.

Use 2 Allen bolts to install stator.

Set piston at TDC, match mark on flywheel with mark on stator.

Wire it up, mod your novi nut.

Done. Yamaha box is still good, you should have everything you need maybe minus an ht coil..

Re: Moby CDI on AV7 - how?

see attach wire diagram for motoconfort crank trigger ignition


Re: Moby CDI on AV7 - how?

I have maitlands wiring also, I will try to iPhone gmail send it to you, I am sans macbookpro today. the yamaha box I sent should work mint. I will also drop my av10 ht coil in the mail if you want.

Re: Moby CDI on AV7 - how?

peter mine would not run at all with the lines on the magneto and stator lines up it was completely off, keep that in mind mike.

Re: Moby CDI on AV7 - how?

oh, also, if you replace the studs in the engine with new bolts, use a locktight (blue) on them. The stud holes go strait into the case and can leak air past them. Hope it works out for you.

Re: Moby CDI on AV7 - how?

elliot those timing marks are straight off my woodruff key'd doppler crank. Can't see why they wouldnt be the same on a av7

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