Bing vs Dellorto

Let the games begin!

I read in another post that it seems like people like Dels over bings. But Why?

Bings have a few more parts, but I'd assume that's better because you have more tunning opportunity, Like the adjustable and changeable needle jet for idol and mid throttle, removable venturi (I think thats what it's called, the brass thing you screw the jet into)

I mean sure Delortos are simple straight forward carbs (for the most part) but they only have those two fixed sized holes in the fixed brass tube (emulsion tube?) so if you are drilling one out because you need to richen up your mid throttle and idol and accidentally over do it than you're screwed and need a whole new carb body.

anyway, I'm stuck to bings because I'm in love with my Dremel and like carbs that are Dremel friendly and tunable.

Re: Bing vs Dellorto

haha jesus. I can go with either, but i slant towards dellorto.. these statements go for stock bings and sha dellortos.

The main thing i like about Bing is the jet needle. It allows for some poor man's tuning if need be. But the super small easy to loose jets are lame, theyre expensive as shit new, and the metal parts are more prone to corrosion and rusting when they sit.

Dellortos are cheap new, the plastic parts dont corode, the jets are harder to loose. What sucks about them is the cable chokes almost never work properly new and you have to modify. Also they lack the jet needle that i long for.

Re: Bing vs Dellorto

steve just get a phbg and tune tune tune tune

Re: Bing vs Dellorto

haha yes but this is stock bings vs SHAs, at least in my statement. so im talkin about carbs you would come across on a stock bike, which is usually what im dealing with.

Re: Bing vs Dellorto

hey hippy want to help me dremel out one of my bings to fit my 15 intake?

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here is how i like to think about it:

SHA 15:15 --- good for 50cc-64cc simple easy and works great 90% of the time on most setups, but not 100% performance efficiency, no probs, use it on bigger displacements with large exhaust ports and u need more tunability to have optimal performance, but for most this is the answer to a small stock shitty carb.

Bing 15mm--- good for 50cc--70cc especially on polinis, where tuning is everything, better tunabilty, more problems like leaking and are more complex and time consuming to tune correctly

SHB 19mm--- these can be found on ebay sometimes they are vespa small frame stock carbs, great for 70cc/+ kits no needle to mess with so tuning is as easy as an SHA, but there is an air mixture screw so u can adjust the idle mix and progression, also a pilot jet but they are near imposable to find. there is also a choke jet.

PHBG 15-24mm--- awesome for 50cc to 70+. adjustable needles, diffusers (venturi) choke , pilot, main jets all easy to get and all can be swapped to others for more tunability, the carb also comes in 15mm (if u can find em) thru 24mm and maybe bigger. also an idle air screw. Super reliable, function great, a nightmare to tune, and very time consuming, u better hope it works great right out of the box.

these are not all thats out there just wat i have experiance with and are worth mentioning (cough.., gurtner)

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Yeah, I've heard a lot of people talking up flat-slide mikunis. What's the advantage of a flat slide like on Dellorto SHAs and mikuni vs. a round throttle slide like on bings and others?

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i think flat slides have better throttle response. not sure if that's the only benefit but that's what i've heard.

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flat slides don't have needles i think, the shb is a flat slide also and it is needleless.

A bell taks about the differnce, can't remember off the top tho.

yeah mikuni is good

Re: Bing vs Dellorto

A flat slide gives more throttle response, better low end and better performance overall. This is because a round slide gives more disturbance in the air. (Mixture rotates around it, like in a tornado motion... Just less dramatic :P)

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Flat slides have higher air velocity than the same sized round bore carb. More low an mid range power.

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You guys should check out Oko carbs.

My buddy can get them CHEAP from his scooter shop. Jets too!

I've been real impressed with them, and I plan to use one when I kit my Pinto.

Custom intake, the whole shabang.

As for Bing vs. Dellorto...

All the way Dellorto. Just plain easier.

Yeah, I'm kinda lazy.

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Re: Bing vs Dellorto

yum yum

you can bore out SHA dellortos too, even bigger than bings, all the way to 16. 15.5 mm is the biggest i can get a bing before it stops idling

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