Yes we can!

I guess this is the temporary general forum, so here goes.

This is so not me but I felt it was an incredibly important message.

As much as I can see, race and sex should never be an issue that would compel one to vote one way or another. Instead let us find it in ourselves to look beyond all of the predictable, divisive political rhetoric and just listen. Listen not only to the words spoken, but also to manner in which they were. Are they reaching out to us, or speaking down to us?

Ask yourself,.....who was the last politician that truly gave you hope that there will a better future? Then look at the people standing behind them during their speeches and tell me if those people look like they would ride a moped.

There is an idea that this generation is filled with apathy about what is going on in the world. Prove them wrong. Vote your conscience.

Re: Yes we can!

hey guys, i know the general forum is down, but let's not litter the performance forum with general moped talk or off topic posts.

this is one of the only forums on here that remains consistantly friendly, intelligent and focused. let's keep it that way. the gen forum will be back up very soon.

Re: Yes we can!

Sorry Seth, I'll keep my eyes out for the other forum to come up.

Re: Yes we can!

Yeah....I'm all over this thread when it appears in the General forum.

That video gave me goose bumps when I first saw it a few days ago. I've had that feeling about this guy since his debut at the 2004 DNC.

Re: Yes we can!

barack has to win.

we can't handle another 8 years of a bush- like admin with mccain.

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