E50 race crank

I'm most likely not purchasing one due to being more than satisfied with the stock one, but what real performance gain is obtained from hooking up a race crank keeping in mind I already have new seals and bearings(and I've hit near 50 with the old one).

This is the one I had in mind

puch TOP racing crankshaft


Re: E50 race crank

The stock rod seems surprisingly durable. It's the bushing in the small end that can fail from very high RPM. It will probably give you warning though. You shouldn't have too much trouble at 50mph. Top is good. I have seen a lot of Ritos and they look like they are from different manufacturers. Some are very nicely finished but some of the old ones look as if they were forged in some Basque's cottage

Re: E50 race crank

not much better just more reliable

Re: E50 race crank

Yeah, I kinda want to get one. Then I know for sure I got a solid motor that's not going to through a fit and lock up. (at least not because of the Crank arm.) And since it's like the heart of a motor... Kinda important right?

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