polini 64 carb options

what do you guys run with your puch polini?

I have a 15 bing but i wanna go bigger.


Re: polini 64 carb options

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

21 phbg

Re: polini 64 carb options


Re: polini 64 carb options

Mike, I vote 19mm PHBG. 4 Petal Mallossi Reedvalves. I actually have a Polini with that Combo on it right now on the Swinger2, I might be interested in trading you the engine for that MKII.

Re: polini 64 carb options

15 bing or PHPG, 19 will get you there faster but they both go the same top speed.

I have tried them all and IMO 15 or 17 is best

plus, with the 15, ( if your motor is properly sealed ) you will still get 80+ mpg

just a thought for you.

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