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Ok, so I am going to be running a MB5 front fork, disk and caliper on my magnum. I am hoping to do this with my motobecane 6 star mag wheels. The trouble is that the Moby wheel has a 10mm front axle while the puch, and mb5 wheels use a 12mm axle.

The moby wheel has 2 different bearings, a 5200 (10x30) and a 6000 (10x26). Looking through a few bearing sites, there does not appear to be any bearings that will work, i.e. a 12x30 and a 12x26.

So in looking at the wheel, it appears that I could potentially enlarge where the bearings sit to fit a 6201 (12x32) and a 6001 (12x28). I don't believe there would be any trouble milling out the speedo side of the wheel, as there is plenty of material to work with. The other (brake side) doesn't have as much room, and I think taking 2mm off might be too much for that bearing and the hub to stay secure.

So is there any way to run say a 12x24 with some sort of shim or ring or something around it? Anyone do anything like this before?

Worst case, I will have to use 5-stars, but I really want to use these motobecane wheels, they are way cooler.

Help me!

Re: Bearing Sizes/Spacers

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Any ideas or would this be better in the repair forum?

Re: Bearing Sizes/Spacers

shims work, but they can be kinda scary. back in the day when I got my first moped, the cup and cone in the rear wheel seized, lack of grease. my buddy's step dad builds small motorcycles and has the whole garage machine shop thing going on. I'm not sure what he did specifically, but he pressed in sealed bearings and used a shim on the axle. works great. I have to tap the shim back in every now and again, but works fine. never had any problems, so I've never actually pulled it apart to figure out what he did.

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