almost back

so i got my rat shit bike almost up and going. Can i put a 70cc tccd kit on without a expansion pipe? or is that bad news.

also if i put a 14 in front and 45 in back what would my top speed be?


Re: almost back

u can, but ur wasting potential power. if you use a stock pipe you are going to have awesome low end and shit top end. you combine all the backpressure of a stock pipe + 14t front sprocket and your bike will top out at 35 but wheelie all day lol.

Re: almost back

that is excatly what i want to do... thanks, sick.

Re: almost back

you might want to port match because the ports on the tccd are friggin huge also = more wheelie power!

Re: almost back

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

buy a pipe. you have to. steal Michael's biturbo or something.

Lets go ride in the rain.

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