my fisrt puch!

elliot of la resistance. /

talk about here duder!

Re: my fisrt puch!

can i has?

Re: my fisrt puch!

puch maxi


polini ported

malossi 4 pedal intake

boysen power dual reeds

19mm PhBG dellorto, with 125 main jet

techno boss pipe

skinny 1" wheels and tires

13X36 (for sf, going taller for LA)

paz clutch springs on a stock 2 shoe, not quite dialed in right but the lowend is still good (coming from a hardcore moby guy)

50cc high comp head

B9 plug

It rips hard in the mid range, its crazy fast, it my 1st puch. It's also the niceset/cleanest bike i ever built. Lee u gotta ride it.

oh and its deicated to the latebirds and the black widows, check my massive sticker, i'm bringing this to your rally instead of my moby, i'm still learning puch so don't expect 60mph or anything, the top end is not there yet, it seems a bit lean on the top still but i'm not sure, i need to tune the carb more, wen it stops raining.

ok, puchs are sick too. this bike broke down on me the second day it was running due to a massivly corroded stator i was using, swapped it out and she has been solid since and i just rode her all day in the pouring rain today, next project is the tomos, all i need is bottom end.

austria and france unite!

Re: my fisrt puch!

it also has a seat yes my ass hurt wen it didn't

Re: my fisrt puch!

i got my first puch too!!!

the "white knight" a 1986 maxi sport LS. $250

ported to a 70cc TCCD that i got for free

bored out Bing to 16mm


factory needle bearing crank and 3 shoe :)

Re: my fisrt puch!

nice, stock 3 shoe's are the best

Re: my fisrt puch!

fuck french, this shit is easy.

Re: my fisrt puch!

wow, even the fucking moby guys have nicer puchs than i do...

shit life.

Re: my fisrt puch!

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

i bet that carb jiggles hella on bumps and shit.

is it really running lean with a 125 jet? I'd have to say there must be an air leak or something. My bike, exactly the same except a simonini and 21 racing phbg runs a 100 jet, and is running very well with that.

Anyways, sick bike.

Re: my fisrt puch!

thx the 19mm carbs run richer my buddy ran a 19mm with a 118 then switched to a 21mm and dropped to a high 90's wierd, on a ported polini as well. i sprayed carb cleaner all over no leaks that are obvious, altho i did just rebuild the motor, maybe i missed somthing......?

doubtful, this thing rips hard and the plug chops look good, but still less than a superbecane but i see why ppl like puchs now, built up in a couple days, parts are there, ppl are there, puch have the largest support base around, and they bolt up nice and simple.... tuning is different that the mobys, i'm still a novice to puch.

Re: my fisrt puch!

Elliot, check your carb. Its important all the extra little holes are plug with little caps or something. I was havin problems running lean, and it was coming from my carb.

Re: my fisrt puch!

will do man thx tommy

Re: my fisrt puch!

elliot has crossed the wall..... puchs are good

Re: my fisrt puch!


Re: my fisrt puch!

cool! wish i had another ped, i have to get my friends ridding. how many bikes you have now? next time i come visit ill bring a friend hah. hey you got any old cool handle bars just sitting around? hah just asking.

Re: my fisrt puch!

lookin noice.

Re: my fisrt puch!

monica and i were driving behing you on fell, or oak, or whatever, the other day, in the rain. then you pulled over.

you seemed to fair well on the steep hill in traffic. nice.

glad you're enjoying the puch.

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