How do I?

I want to make my General 5 Star witha Minarelli engine beat/keep up with a Tomos Targa LX

The Tomos does about 43mph

The Tomos has a biturbo and 70cc bore kit on it.


Where can I buy a boost bottle?

Anything will help


Re: How do I?

BootyClap Ninja /

fuck the boost bottle. its a gimmick.





and you'll blast away that tomos.

Re: How do I?

boost bottles will add performance. it won't add nearly as much as a carb or pipe or other common mods but they do work. people who say they don't either have never tried one, they did but didn't buy the correct one for there application or if they made it didn't know what they were doing. if done correctly you will notice some gain but nothing to crazy.

Re: How do I?

Bad news there, one sprocket change and the tomos will go the full 50.

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