Garelli Katia Performance?

Assuming that the standard speed ratings are accurate, what changes are required to get a 30mph singlespeed Katia to do 40mph on the flat?

I'd have thought that the engine must be capable of higher rpm.


Re: Garelli Katia Performance?

ps. I've been given a K&N filter (from a ZZR1100 carb ;) ) and will fit in conjunction with a bigger jet if I can source one.

Re: Garelli Katia Performance?

dellorto carb on that guy, easy as pie to find jets.

you can get just about any bike to 40 by opening up the carb and intake to 14mm, putting on a performance exhaust, and bumping the compression.

if you want the head professionally machined let me know, i do it as a side business, charge about 25 bucks a head, i've done a couple of garelli NOI engines.

Re: Garelli Katia Performance?

Thanks for the info. Do you skim the head? By how much?

Given a K&N Filter and opening up the carb, what jet size would be a good start?

ps. My exhaust is different to others I've seen on here. It has a short header, a fat, square silencer under the engine and a very short (and very narrow!) tail pipe exiting just behind the footpeg. Is this particularly restrictive?

Re: Garelli Katia Performance?

Any more info on simple improvements to the Katia head and exhaust?

Re: Garelli Katia Performance?

you can put plastigauge or clay putty or sticky tack or such in the combustion chamber and tighten the head down and turn the motor over to see how much you can shave before the piston hits the head.

the exhaust sounds restrictive, either way you will want an expansion chamber exhaust, check out the performance tuning section of the wiki for more info.

Re: Garelli Katia Performance?

Exhaust mods are something I've thought about, probably modifying a pipe from a different machine.

Re: Garelli Katia Performance?

My Katia is now running well.

I'm awaiting delivery of a Midi Moto exhaust from an Ebay seller and I've the K&N to fit.

My carb jet doesn't have any visible no. stamped on it. What would be its likely size before I try upsizing?

Has anybody played with Garelli ignition timing?

Re: Garelli Katia Performance?

How much can be taken off the head before there are issues with over-compression?

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