General 5 Star Mods?

I just bought a stock General 5 Star today.

I was wondering what mods I should do first?

Re: General 5 Star Mods?

sahcs or minarelli?

Re: General 5 Star Mods?

It has a Minarelli Engine

Re: General 5 Star Mods?

i am working on my general 5 star right now. I can't attest for this setup but it is what i am going for. I have a polini 75cc kit with a 21 dellorto and 20 intake and a leo vinci pipe.

Eventually I am planning on modifying the front and rear sprocket for top speed. I hopefully can machine a v1 racing crank to fit in my engine. All new bearings. Stripped off all the plastic, no headlight, no rear light, sawed off every little random piece of metal that isn't integral to the frame, extended swingarm, custom rear shocks and custom fiberglass seat pan, with a benelli 450ss gas tank. eventually i want to try to make my own fiberglass front fairing but that could take a while.... though im not going for anything street legal.

start with the polini kit, better dellorto intake/carb and a modified puch pipe and you should be ripping through the streets. just remember- kit/carb/pipe. good luck. 5 stars and minarellies are nice.

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