Garelli NOI Exhaust Review!

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Alright guys well,

I recently totally rebuilt my garelli SSXL. Was looking around for a pipe and was about to just cut and weld a nice puch pipe to fit. I contacted Angelo and he hooked me up with this sick Gianelli pipe imported from Italy. Very rare and a nice way to keep your bike straight up ITALIAN BABY.

Bolts right on the NOI, you can easily keep your centerstand and pedals. instead of coming out from the side the pipe is pretty much contained underneath the bike. I do not have any clearance issues so far.

Seems to be a mid to high end pipe. The exhaust note is very low and raspy and sounds really good. I am not a big fan of the highly tuned whizzy sound of puchs anyhow. Also a good way to keep a low profile as people say its ridiculously quiet for a moped.

The quality is EXTREMELY good. The gloss black paint seems to be baked on to handle heat and rock chips very well. After about a month of riding, there is still no cracks, chips, paint wear whatsoever on the painted part of the pipe. very nice.

In terms of performance the pipe was a big noticeable improvement. From a stock standpoint and with just the pipe installed and upjetted accordingly, I was seeing top speed gains of about 6-7 MPH via GPS.

Very happy with the pipe, looks great, sounds great, and performs great. A+

BTW: I also highly recommend buying from Angelo. He can find some really cool rare shit for your italian bike. The shipped takes a bit longer but its totally worth it. His prices are also very very reasonable. Very nice guy. He actually called me one night to talk my through how the provided bracket works with the pipe. haha.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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