how to get front sprocket off tomos sprint

Ive resently bought a rear 20 tooth sprocket from,since thats the only place to get one on the internat for $19.95.I owne a 2003 tomos sprint with an a35 engine.ive bought it from a guy for $800,it only had 90 miles on it. Ive put more than 2000 miles on it ,its a blast to drive. I was wondering on how to get the front sprocket off and what tool(s) I need to accomplish the job?Thats the only thing ive done to it yet,except the minor maintance and the accasonal flat tire.The last time I drove it I was at a top speed of 34 mph, which is not bad concedering I weight 195,but i would like to see a little more top speed out of it.With the rear sprocket change from a 22 tooth to a 20 tooth what should I see with as far as top speed goes?When the rear sprocket gets here I will let you all know my top speed ,hopefully it will incress.After I get the sprockets set for speed (do you have any ideas what set sprockets I should get for top end)im going for a bi-turbo exhaust and an arsail 70cc speed kit if any body has any suggestion to perfect a tomos sprint a35 let me know including what jets i should be ruiningwith all this set up . I thank you fellow mopad riders for your input!If you want to drop a line or just chat bout mopads or just share mopad stories (Jon 23 from va out! )

Re: how to get front sprocket off tomos sprint

welcome, here is some repair manual action for u:

Re: thanks maciek

thanks maciek

Re: thanks maciek

all you need is a hammer flat head screw driver and an impact gun. makes the job so easy. other then that just have the tools to take the side cover off. mine are allen heads.sometimes its hard to break the nut off by hand because the shaft just moves unless you block or strap the rear tire.

Re: front sprocket

I wish I had a impact gun I have the back tire off at the moment ,putting a 20 tooth rear sprocket on it , but thanks for that great idea that will probly work better then a pair of vice grips , I dont have a werench thats big enough do you know what size i need???thanks scoot.

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