e50 oil passage porting?

i havent heard anything about the oil passage .does anyone have any pics of enlarged oil passage for the magneto side bearing lube. any pics would be great



Re: e50 oil passage porting?

No photos bud I always do open it up and clean up the edges. I probably open em up by about 25% and funnel it a small amount.

Re: e50 oil passage porting?

ok kool i just did that to mine but didnt know how much to open it up

thanks for the fast response

i back to the grinding more now

Re: e50 oil passage porting?

is there a similar hole for the ZA50?

Re: e50 oil passage porting?

Just finish the edges, don't open it up too much. It needs the flush velocity to keep the bearings cool.

The ZA50 has 2 of these ports, one on each side.

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